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The strategy matters through the crisis

The strategy matters through the crisis

Experts say in a crisis, you may think you need a whole new set of management approaches and strategy will always lead you there. The Theory I am willing to say will help you turn any crisis in to a chance to serve.

The theory begins with a test to survive on an ocean and points to four elements of the strategy creation.

Imagine you are in a sinking ship in the middle of the ocean and you have a small wooden boat and a quick opportunity to take 4 tools from the list below:

1. A shaving mirror

2. A quantity of mosquito netting

3. A 19 liter can of water

4. Pair of paddle

5. Maps of the Pacific Ocean

6. Compass

7. A 7.5 liter can of oil/petroleum mixture

8. A small transistor radio

9. 186 square decimetres of Opaque plastic sheeting

10. Shark repellent

11. 1.1 liters of 160 percent proof rum

12. 4.5 meters of nylon rope 

13. 2 boxes of chocolate bars

14. A fishing kit 

If you were able to choose five of the above tools you probably could choose easier, or if you could only take three tools the decision was harder. What if you could take them all?

So the limitations will influence your choices indeed. Then the strategy will matter through these limitations. 

–The first element is the limitations

Now, what is the purpose of being in that wooden boat? Surviving!!

In a strategist look, this means vision. What is the vision of surviving on a boat? Sculling to the beach? Finding a broadcast way to call for help? Or living on a boat for the rest of your life?Answering these questions and choosing our vision will definitely affect our choices to pick the tools! Each way and each goal in life needs its own requirements, and the strategy will lead us to fulfill that goal.

For example, if you choose to scull to the beach you will need the map, paddle, and compass. And in case you choose to live on the boat for the rest of your life you will need the fishing kit and net and probably the water in order to have something to eat and drink!

–The second element is the vision.

Based on this theory, a strategy is a criterion to decide and to give those decisions a clear direction. So, how can we find the right direction and strategy for situations?

The important fact is our choices should be synergistic. For instance, in this story fishing kit and compass together aren’t functional. Or if you are not strong enough to scull, the paddle is not a good option for you. But, what if you are a good swimmer?
Another effective point is our strengths and weaknesses which based on them you could find the best strategy for the situations.

–The third element is knowing your weaknesses and strength.

Last but not least, if you knew there is a beach in 1 km of where you are however you won’t have any other access from the beach to elsewhere, what would you choose to pick?

That’s the final point to show you side effects, obstacles, and opportunities are the effective matters to your strategy.

–The fourth element is the environmental effects.

As well as a person on a sinking boat is a company. They are supposed to create the best strategy based on their resources, opportunities and limitations. The truth is crisis doesn’t mean you or your business has to suffer. In fact, the beauty of strategies is during the days that everything is not normal and it shows how strong we are to operate that business like saving a sinking ship. And the only tools we need during the crisis is our mindset and attitude to save that sinking ship. The future belongs to those who not only they don’t complain about what they can’t change, but also accept the situation and try to make something good about it. So, that’s why the strategy matters through the crisis.