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How to save your brand during Covid-19?

How to save your brand during Covid-19?

Your brand is the most valuable asset any business can ever have. Brands are highly fragile and any mistaken steps specially in times like pandemic, can have bad consequences to the business. A bad announcement, a bad Instagram post, or even not acting can be dangerous.

What ? Not acting ? What do you mean?

I give you an example. Think your friend had an accident. You just ignore the incident and won’t call or text your friend. You simply scattered your identity which is your brand in front of your friends and family by doing nothing! Well this is far worst for any business these days which the influence of social medias.

Your customers need to know you care

You have to adapt your products and services with the latest safety and health guidelines and then inform your audience in any possible channel you have. Put a banner on your website, post on Instagram, or even call them.

Your customers need to hear your sympathy

If you even don’t have a physical product or service which could be affected by the virus, you still need to give your customers the feeling that you are with them and you support them in hard times. Give them promotions, enable product trials, and gain their trust.

Take a good care of your employees

Your employees are the family members. If you forget about them, this feeling of worthlessness will be spread sooner or later to the outside world. As we hear every now and then from employees in big tech giants who complain about their working environment and remember, worlds are influential!

Take care of yourself, your employees, your customers, and express it!

Peace and love!