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Wordpress, Php, Python, Wix, what are these? a business-layer introduction for web development

Wordpress, Php, Python, Wix, what are these? a business-layer introduction for web development

This article demonstrates how to choose the best technology for your website

If you are a business owner and want to develop a website, you might be confused with all these techy words. In this article, I will explain briefly about web-development technology in business-layer and important points you should care about when you want to develop your website. Then I explain a bit about website builders like Wix and whether they are useful or not.

Web Development is much like building a house. So when you first want to build your house, you should have the ownership of the land which is the “domain”. This domain is simply a piece of paper that says this land belongs to Mr/Ms. X at this specific location. And then there is your actual land which is 300 square meters for instance. This can be your “host”. After all the paperwork and everything here comes the actual task. Building! one of the very first things you should decide is the base structure material of your building. Whether it should be made of wood, iron, or cement which I refer them as “back-end”. After setting up your base structure, you need to choose the material of your facade which I refer to as “front-end”. There is one more thing you might hear which are “frameworks”. Imagine you decided to use wood for the base structure of your house. You can either go to the jungle, cut the woods, shape them and use them or you can buy pre-processed material from manufactures. These pre-processed materials are frameworks. Frameworks both exist for your back-end(base structure) and front-end(facade) technology. This is the main idea around web-development. Host, domain, back-end technology, front-end technology, and frameworks for both back-end and front-end. To sum up:

Domain: Is the name of your website like A domain can be bought from websites like GoDaddy. Deciding a good domain name is pretty important and can be very time-consuming. Because when you start searching for a name, you find out most of the domain names are taken. There some tools helping you out choosing a good domain name listed here.

Host: Is the space that you deploy all your materials and is connected to your domain. Many domain sellers offer Hosting as well. But before get a host, you should decide about the technology. Remember that there is no need to buy host and domain from the same seller.

Back-end: Is the base structure of your website. Some well-known back-end programming languages are Php, Python, Java, C#, and NodeJS. Php might be the most used and most famous back-end programing language which is widely used lately. Laravel and CakePhp are also some of the most popular Php frameworks as well.

Front-end: Is basically the visual side of your website. HMTL/CSS, JavaScript(JS), and lately, Facebook React are the widely-used front-end programming languages and frameworks.

Website builders, What are they?

You might have heard about WordPress, Wix, and many others which are highly growing lately. Firstly, WordPress is the biggest player out there. It is written in Php and needs a bit of technical knowledge to set it up. On the other hand, other builders like Wix are more user-friendly and don’t require any technical knowledge.

When to use what?

If you are an individual trying to create a website as a showcase for your portfolio, Wix or the similar solutions should be fine. If you are going to build a more complex website or even an e-commerce, WordPress is handy. However, you should keep that in mind that the security of your website especially when you are using WordPress is a bit tricky. You need to keep your WordPress version, template, and plugins always up-to-dated. Thus, you might need to have a technical guy who supports your website.

Until now, maybe 90% of all ordinary businesses might meet their needs with the solutions provided above. However, if you have a startup idea, then website builders are not for you. In that case, deciding the current programming language and framework depends on your budget, the project itself, timeline, and the resources you have. They all have their own pros and cons and you definitely need to do some research and decide wisely. I have seen many projects, going around for one or two years and they found out they chose the wrong technology and nobody supports that. That means thousands of dollars wasted.

At Marketgram, consulting is one of our services whether the customer leaves the development with us or not. Our years of experience proved to us that there have always been a gap between the business owners and the tech people. Choosing the correct technology is the bottleneck of many businesses when they want to develop a website. Our team are both expert in business development and software development who lead you all the way from the idea to the product.