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The Importance of Ikigai to Increase your Productivity

The Importance of Ikigai to Increase your Productivity

Nowadays, along with everything going around the world, people are super busy doing their jobs rather than getting the job done.
You don’t know what I mean? Let me explain.
In order to be an irreplaceable piece of your company, you need to find the joy in what you do. Then, the pressure of doing your job will be replaced with making your job done in the best way you can. That is the point where you will meet productivity.

Increasing productivity has some other elements which will help you find the joy in what you do and that is IKIGAI.

Ikigai is the central part of what you are good at, what you love, what you can be paid for, and what the world needs. To be more specific it is the moment when your passion, mission, profession, and vacation meet.

One great thing between you and superior for a win-win collaboration can be ikigai. It is saying you can’t feel empty inside to be comfortable or be satisfied but feel useless. Also, a job can’t be exciting without a sense of certainty or even be a delight and fulfillment but without any wealth.
That’s why I call it a win-win collaboration.

If I can name only one career that I am certainly sure they unintentionally use ikigai to increase their productivity are athletes.
Let me tell you about my discoveries.

Athletes are Driven by Purpose (Mission)
How do you think athletes resist the snooze button? That’s the magic of having a mission in your life. So, to remain committed, you need to connect your job to a deeper purpose, from your communities to their fulfillment.

Athletes choose their fields based on their strengths (Profession)
Believe it or not, we were born with a gift inside. In order to fulfill the goals, we have to focus on something, we have its knowledge, power, resources, etc. The one thing you are good at and you can be paid for is exactly the profession you are looking forward to.

Athletes Use Exercise to Boost Their Performance (Passion)
None of the athletes like running for miles, but they know it is essential for their performance. It is important to know what you are suffering from today will cause you so many benefits tomorrow. When you ignore a specific work situation with resisting the negative emotions that it produces, know that the passion you have inside have to keep you move forward.

Athletes truly enjoy the physical activity (vacation)
The only thing that keeps them from skipping a warm bed and Netflix is that they really are more inspired by their activities than that. they truly enjoy physical activity and inspired to engage their training.
Back in your job, tapping into your “why” will get you back on track when you’re falling asleep during that conference call.

To sum up, all the elements explained above make the athletes the ones who reached IKIGAI. So, if you believe you are not completely productive and happy with what you are doing … then find your IKIGAI as well.