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The fact that you found us, is inbound marketing!

The fact that you found us, is inbound marketing!

By creating valuable content and experiences, you attract strangers, convert them to leads, close them to customers, and delight them to be your promoters. This process is called inbound marketing. Inbound marketing establishes a trusted connection with your audiences and target market based on the content you create and solves the problems they already have, while outbound marketing interrupts your audience with content they don’t always want.

Inbound marketing methodology consists of three different stages:
Attract, engage, delight

Each stage has its tools and processes.
You can use blogging, social media, and content strategy to reach your target audience. Create a long-lasting relationship with your customers by using channels they prefer, such as email, bots, live chat, or messaging that contains a call-to-action. Following that, smart content, personalized user experiences through CRMs and CEMs, and marketing automation will ignite your customers to automatic promotions and mouth-to-mouth marketing.

These steps and processes help you build a trusted relationship with your audience rather than just sell your product or services. Nowadays, people are smarter about ads than before. They will understand if you are solving their problem, fulfilling their needs or you are just willing to take the money out of their pockets.
So, in order to get your market share, sell the experience, not the product or service itself.