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Local Business Growth program

Expand your boundaries by building next generation of your business

Local Business Growth program

If you are a local business with no business continuity plan or are affected by crises like recent global pandemic, we can help you reverse the situation in your favor.
Our team of analysts and market researchers will provide you with valuable insights to better understand your market share, analyze threats and leverage them to the competitive opportunities and offer you a well-established plan.
At Marketgram, we apply novel strategies and technologies after a careful research and evaluation of your target market.
In Local Business Growth Program, your business will gain higher standards of competitiveness through enhanced performance.

Key Features of this Program

Employees Training

Training your employees to apply the transformation internally. Training materials includes all topics described in here.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching the managers of your company and teach them the basics of modern leadership through weekly one-on-one meetings with our expert coaches

Business Analysis

Analyzing your current business model and suggesting improvements based on the market needs

Innovation Development

By analysing the market and your company we suggest innovative solutions to improve your products/services

Organizational Development

Transforming your organization in a Startup way by setting up Agile working principals, entrepreneurial management and modern Project Management methods

Brand Analysis and Development

Analyzing your current brand state among your stakeholders and develop an improvement strategy

Digital Marketing Coaching

Set up a feasible digital marketing plan including social media and guiding you to execute it with your own employees

Content Production

Early stage content production including social media posts and promotional videos

Covid-19 Transformation

Adapting your digital aspect of your business such as remote working and customers awareness specifically to Covid-19 situation

Who Can Apply?

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