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Digital Marketing Booster program

Strengthen your presence in the digital environment

Digital Marketing Booster program

Digital world is vast and diverse. Finding a successful path can be confusing and burdensome. In our past experiences working with clients, we have seen websites that do not get enough traffic, social media accounts that have very low engagement rates and lots of missed business opportunities. Presence in digital environment requires a consistent integrated strategy which is created by the careful analysis of the users behaviour. Digital Marketing Booster Program is designed for Small and Medium businesses to use digital environments such as social media to grow their entire businesses by preparing and empowering employees and guiding them to plan and execute a personalized digital marketing strategy.

Key Features of this Program

Employees Training

Training your employees to apply the transformation internally. Trained materials includes all topics described in here.

Brand Analysis and Development

Analyzing your current brand status among your stakeholders and develop an improvement strategy.

Digital Marketing Coaching

Set up a feasible digital marketing plan including social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and guiding you to execute it with your own employees.

Marketing Campaign Design

Designing several marketing campaigns to ensure a noticeable growth toward your business objectives.

Content Production

Early stage content production including social media posts and promotional videos.

Covid-19 Orientation

The whole program is designed with the consideration of Covid-19 and analyzing the threats and opportunities.

Who Can Apply?

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