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Why my website is not generating money during Covid-19?

Why my website is not generating money during Covid-19?

This is a common mistake for many business owners where they build a website and think it automatically will drive customers; Well, that’s mostly wrong!
There are more than 1.7 billion websites on the World Wide Web. From billions of search queries that happen daily, there are only a few which get the chance to get clicks. The point is:
A standalone website worth absolutely nothing. You need a strategy for your purpose.

A master strategy for your website should consists of four main parts:
1- Development
2- Marketing
3- Customer Relations
4- Website Maintenance

1. Development

Building a website is usually time-consuming. That’s why we suggested to break it down into several workable phases previously in this post.

2. Digital Marketing

Whether you are working on a physical product like a shoe or a digital product like a website, you need a marketing strategy. For websites, Search Engine Optimization is the most important one. It is crucial because of two main reasons:

1- On average, organic search drives more than 80% of inbound traffic to your website. Furthermore, if you are not on the top 6 results, don’t expect to get many calls from Search Results.


2- The steps you take to create your SEO strategy are highly useful for the other Digital Marketing strategies like Social Media. Because you have to identify your customers and align them with your brand, products, and services.

3- Customer Relations

Customers customers customers! Remember, all your efforts are to engage customers. I have seen many websites that they don’t answer emails or the website owners who even don’t know where their inbox is! Build a website, show it to the customers, and make sure there is someone available for your customers. That is the very first stage of Customer Relationship Management. Then you should add analysis tools to monitor how good you are doing and more CRM tools like chat bots to increase the engagement rate.

4- Maintenance/Innovation

The digital world by nature is a fast-paced changing environment. You should keep your knowledge updated along with your website and strategy. 20 years ago it was about a simple website, 8 years ago it was mobile apps, and now it is about data. Successful companies are the ones who adapt their business with all these changes. For such approach: 1- You need to read and 2- You need someone in charge of these changes such as a consultant.

Now that we know the importance of the Strategy, we should consider the situation with Covid-19. Because now, the Digital aspect of your business is way more important than the others’. Newspapers may not be an ideal place to post an ad, but a website is.

Peace and love!