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Is your business ready for post-pandemic?

Is your business ready for post-pandemic?

Covid is almost over. Restrictions are getting eased, offices are returning to normal operations, and the economy is getting a boost. However, during covid, some significant changes happened to consumer behavior that may last forever.

1- People are using more internet-based services
Covid caused people to stay home and Google their needs instead of heading to the streets. This greatly increased usage of many online services such as online shopping, e-health services, digital entertainment, and more. Those who had a significant level of digital adoption gained a huge benefit from this market condition.

2- The quality of online services can distinguish you from your competitors
In the digital world, competition is fierce. Nowadays, most businesses have transformed or intend to transform their business and this will create a highly competitive environment. As a result, the quality of your online services becomes crucial. If your “Call” button is not working or your website is not mobile-friendly, you are losing the competition.

3- Your content determines who you are and what you do
“Content is King”! This is the motto of digital marketers and it is true! When someone visits your website, it is not the animations that make someone call you but it is the content that engages your customers. Content can be images, text, or videos, and you should provide your original content rather than copy and pasting. Because Google will understand your needs as well as your customers. However, creating content is not easy. It is an ongoing task because you will need content for your social media, website, app, or any other medium that you have. There are many different guidelines for developing high-quality, engaging content for different mediums. However, consistency is the key here.

4- Digital marketing is far more effective than traditional marketing.
Businesses use billboards to advertise their business. Nowadays, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, influencer marketing, and many other forms of digital advertisements are way more efficient in terms of cost and engagement.

5- Social media can establish trust among customers
Approximately half of the world’s population uses social media on average for 2h37m.m. As a result, social media can be a pretty helpful source for businesses to acquire users and improve their brand’s trust among them. Since there are many different social media platforms, you will need different strategies and content for each of them that perfectly matches the user’s expectations from that particular medium. As an example, you shouldn’t publish a Harvard article on Instagram. But you can extract the key points that most social media users could understand and make it valuable to stop and read it.

How prepared are you?
Digital transformation was an investment 10 years ago. Now, it is a must. However, we should remember that not all businesses require all transformations simultaneously. Transformation needs budget, time, and effort, which cannot be achieved all at once. It is essential that you develop a viable plan based on your resources, and continue to work towards implementing it. Topics like SEO and social media marketing require constant content production according to the current market needs and conditions.

At Marketgram, we have successfully transformed several businesses in different industries. Using our market analysis expertise, we can develop a transformation strategy that aligns with the resources and takes advantage of market gaps and opportunities. Such a strategy can lead to rapid growth and faster adoption.
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