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How to corona transform my local business?

How to corona transform my local business?

We are all passing through a very hard time. Millions of jobs are lost and many local businesses are shot down during this pandemic. Firstly, there are 3 main reasons that local businesses need to consider transformation:

1. Nobody knows when this pandemic will be over.

According to many reports, we can consider normal life only after a vaccine is made, which will be approximately Jan 2022. So we have a long journey until that time. Of course, with social distancing and other developments in testing, we can see more people on the streets but it won’t be like what it used to be.

2. Due to the recession, consumer behavior is changing rapidly.

The very basic effect of recession is when people earn less, they spend less. Sound logical, right? So if you have a gift shop, flower shop, a restaurant or even a pharmacy, people are willing to cut the unnecessary expenses from their monthly budget.

3. Due to social distancing, traditional marketing is losing its power.

When there are fewer people on the streets, there are fewer monthly visitors from a billboard. And this applies to many traditional marketing methods like Gorilla marketing and ads in newspapers.

4. People still spend, but the channels are different.

This pandemic had an immersive positive impact on most of the online businesses including entertainments, ads, and of course the ones who had their online business infrastructure ready! People spend their time on the internet rather than on the streets. Meaning that your presence on the internet is crucial than ever if you want to keep your business alive. Before this pandemic, still, for many local businesses, online sales and digital marketing were just fancy improvements to their business. However, it is a matter of life and death now.

1. Liquidity management

Unlike before, you have to keep track of your expenses as much as you can. You might need to speak to a lawyer to know the offers that your government gives because you probably need them in a few months. There are many publications and articles where you can find different methods based on your business industry, size, and current state.

2. Setup remote working environment

Remote working is pretty tricky. Besides the technical part, you need to develop this culture among your employees and keep them motivated.

3. Keep your customers updated

If you deal with customers physically, or you sell physical goods, you need to incorporate the latest health guidelines from officials and notify your customers to keep your brand safe. This is what we can see many tech giants are facing these days. They send daily emails and publish blogs to tell their customers they care about their safety.

4. Digital transformation strategy

Lastly, the most important one is how to generate sales and keep your company alive. Digital transformation is a board topic but it speaks of how to use digital technologies to transform your business. Building/Improving your website, SEO, and Social media marketing are just some methods. However, more important than the method, it is the strategy that is important. Building a website is pretty expensive. Launching a social media campaign is expensive as well. Thus, before you get your hands dirty, you need to know what is the best approach and improvement you can do based on your current state. This is what we are doing at Firstly, we put ourselves in your shoes to see what are the possible ways for improvements and then we use the knowledge to develop the solution.

No matter what state you are, if you have a working website, if you have good social media, even if everything is perfect, be aware that the changing rate in the digital world is pretty fast. You have to keep yourself updated because your competitors can approach you before you can imagine!

Peace and love!