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Case Study:


Eshraghie is one of the successful brands in which Marketgram has played a significant role in its growth. All Eshraghie activities in order to product management started in July-August 2020. Marketgram managed to increase the sales of Eshraghie by 300% in a period of 3 months in line with the implementation of its strategy.

Where did it all begin?

The first step of every Digital Transformation(DT) project is the situation discovery.

What is the current state of the company, what are the processes, what is the current state of the related industry, what are the current gaps, and what are the resources. Regarding “Yellow”, it was a 20-year-old family merchandising company specialized in the food and cosmetics industry. It included 3 siblings and 2 employees handling the whole business from negotiating with foreign partners, importing, accounting, sales, marketing, and distribution. During our in-depth analysis, we discovered that the industry is growing really fast and the competitors are using novel Digital Marketing methods for promoting their products rather than the traditional marketing processes such as billboard ads. Moreover, they had a huge problem with their distribution channels because they out-sourced this important part of their business and their partnership was not well balanced. Their payments were delayed by months and this led them to avoid working on new products. With these two important points in mind, Marketgram started transforming “Yellow”.

In product management and digital transformation, activities such as website analysis and improving the quality of user experience for customers, improving the average time of the customer’s presence on the website, solving programming problems, planning and implementing the optimizations needed to improve the website score, Analyzing and benchmarking domestic and foreign competitors and thus creating a new strategy for Eshraghie product and building new ways to attract the audience using all up-to-date tools, surveying and communicating with customers and analyzing and planning improvements based on customer needs, creating SMS campaigns  And email marketing and social media campaigns and turning potential customers into actual ones, creating academic campaigns and analyzing target social media and benchmarking social media of domestic and foreign competitors, creating strategy of Eshraghie target media and finally implementing change management and training of Eshraghie team and Their management team to using high-tech management tools such as design thinking and agile management. Which was done by the Marketgram team using its experts in the fields of project management, e-commerce management, programming, and social media management.

Eshraqieh Publishing had begun its digitalization process months before Marketgram began as a product manager and digital transformation manager. From those days, the Marketgram team, in the form of digital consultant and site programming, stood by Ishraqia to facilitate the technical problems and the process of digitization of Eshraqieh.

How did it happen?

First, we started setting up the Digital Marketing department. This department was mainly responsible for increasing brand awareness, and digital market analysis for new product demand discovery.

After 6 months of operations, “Yellow”’s Instagram account was recognized as one of the most successful FMCG media accounts among competitors. They could successfully execute two influencer marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness among audiences in the region. After 12 months of operations, new demands were discovered in the market with targeted campaigns and new products were imported to the country.To resolve the distribution problem, we set up a direct sales and distribution department inside the company. With the latest inventory and distribution software solutions, they could track their stocks and significantly increase their payments. They could also sign contracts with the big chain stores in the country for direct presence in the stores.

Marketgram started its product management and digital transformation activities in the Eshraqieh project in July-August, after 7 months of cooperation in the field of digitalization, with Market Analysis to better understand the trend of Ishraqieh in the e-commerce market.
This started with the implementation of changes on the Eshraqieh site that will make it easier for the audience to enter and exit and purchase, and will be the first step in the path of Eshraqieh digital transformation. The data of these changes were based on the analysis of audience behavior through various tools and were implemented by Marketgram.

Then, with an innovative strategy to have a stronger presence in the domestic market and increase sales, measures were taken to improve the quality of Eshraqieh Publications. At the same time, Eshraqieh’s management team received the necessary training from the Marketgram team on new management methods and implemented it in order to improve Ishraqia’s work culture.

What happened after the transformation?
The two campaigns of email marketing and SMS marketing at the end of August and the beginning of September of the digital transformation are among the key actions of this period that had a significant impact on the sales of September and October. These two campaigns in Eshraqieh increased sales by 2.5 times in October.

Moreover, we were responsible for training new employees. For the last 6 months, we operated as mentors to track their operations and keep them on track. During this time, Yellow was expanding and added 15 new employees. We taught them the new ways of project management like Agile and improve their organizational culture to transform an old strict grouchy man to a young active, young, and energetic adult.

Also In August and September, Marketgram focused on the identity of the Eshraqieh brand on social media. In this regard, after analyzing the competitors and benchmarking the best activities in the target social networks, the first week of September, according to the announcement of the results of the universities, was focused on designing a new student campaign. In order to improve the performance and efficiency of social media activities, a comprehensive program called Content Calendar was developed to plan the production of website content and social media.

As a data-driven decision-making company, Marketgram was constantly analyzing audience behavior, examining the impact of campaigns and social media activities, and taking action to advance the goals of the Eshraqieh as needed.

During the whole period of Marketgram activity in Eshraqieh project, all activities related to Eshraqieh SEO site were carried out according to various plans. Also, due to the fact that the process of digitalization, in addition to a technical path, requires the creation of a suitable culture, in order to serve customers and improve intra-organizational processes, all necessary training was given to the collection manager and key people of Eshraqieh publications.

We are proud to work with Eshraqieh publishing and we are pleased to have had a significant impact on a 300% increase in their sales using digital transformation and product management.