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Having trouble with managing remotely?

Having trouble with managing remotely?

As a result of the pandemic, many people have been forced to work remotely from home, which poses significant challenges for business owners and managers.
But remote jobs are not something genuinely revolutionary, are they?
Of course, so many people were experiencing remote jobs. Nevertheless, the current situation has caused business managers who did not have this experience before to run into trouble.
They were struggling with tracking the team’s productivity and work, managing communication, hiring new members, trust issues, company culture, etc.

To be fair, employees have their issues too. For instance, keeping work-life balance, loneliness, and lack of human interaction, feeling isolated, communication issues, etc.

But here, I have some points for you as a manager or as an employee to increase your satisfaction while you work remotely.

If you are managing your team remotely, the tips below might help you.
First of all, know that remote managers face retention challenges almost six times more than other managers. So, don’t expect too much either from yourself or others. If you’re using a time tracking or productivity tool, keep an eye out for people working much longer hours than they should. On the other hand, if you saw people reducing productivity, talk to them through their issues.
Second, keep in mind that casual conversations between coworkers keep them more energetic. Therefore, long-distance work habits will reduce the friendly atmosphere between people and make all interactions based on work. Also, due to a blurred line about work-life balance, people will feel they have less privacy at home! So, create a remote communication policy that you all agree on. These policies can include scheduled calls, task settings, a project management tool, or using a specific instant messaging tool only certain hours.
Third, get feedback once in a while. You’ll learn about their concerns even if you don’t get a clear message or a rational comment.

If you are a remote employee, whether you have a full-time or a part-time job, follow the tips below.
First, remember that criticism of your work does not compromise your whole performance. Remote working will reduce positive feedbacks because managers give more attention to the result rather than the process. The fact is, most managers think if they are not seeing the progress, then it is not happening. On the other hand, you might be struggling for a while and not see the result and, due to miscommunications you only get negative comments. Don’t worry, and appreciate yourself once in a while, but be reasonable about your progress.

Second, be strict about your work-life balance. It would be better to have a different spot for working and resting if it is possible. Also, having a schedule for your working hours will help you be less bothered while you’re not working.

Third, increase your performance by staying in touch with your colleagues or your network once in a while. In this way, you feel less isolated. Also, you can change your workplace to diversify.

To sum it up, the points mentioned above might not be correct for everyone, but they are the usual ones. Also, there are other issues that managers and employees are facing. Even though this method is becoming more popular, it is a problem that can be resolved with time and experience.