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If you are a startup, your main concern may be getting your first 100 customers!

If you are a startup, your main concern may be getting your first 100 customers!

Getting your first 100 customers is the most challenging step for each startup. When you have thousands of customers, you have a lot of data that you can use to measure and optimize your marketing strategy. However, when you are in the process of acquiring your first 100 customers, you have a lot to work with.
Most of the founders immediately move into a paid advertisement. They are not aware that getting your first customers is more art than knowledge!

The process is dynamic. The tactics that you can use to get your first 100 customers are a combination of both marketing and customer development. With each method, you should aim to not only get a new customer but also find ways to create a long-lasting relationship with your ideal customer with what they’re interested in.

So how can you do that?

  • Free marketing ways:

It seems unreal, but it is not! First, you need to figure out where your potential customers are. Then, build a strong connection with your audience.

  • Talk personalized to your customers:

Doing market research will help you find out what your ideal customers look like and what they like. Next, you can build your marketing around real human behavior.

  • Find your ideal customer:

Knowing your successful customers will help you not to waste your time on your non-ideal customers. Also, recognizing the high-value and high-LTV customers in the early stages will help you narrow down your marketing strategies to the most effective customers.

There are so many solutions and methods to execute the above points. You only need to find the appropriate one for your target market and your business.