Business Starter Program

From ideation to implementation

If you have an idea in your head but do not know where to start, we’ve got you covered.
We know that starting a business based on a new idea could be a daunting task. Our experienced team, will work with you to validate your idea in terms of financing, market, and resources alignment.
Our business analysts will research the market to identify needs and gaps, shape your value proposition and find the best channels geared towards your growth. In this process we will dig through data to find potential users and customers, evaluate possible problems and find optimum solutions.
Through this process, you will learn about your business success rate before you invest your valuable time and money.
Throughout this process, we create comprehensive yet easy steps to guide and facilitate your smooth entrance to the market.

Graduates from The Accelerator Program receive

continued access to the mentors they've already built relationships with at the AC's discounted price

ongoing invitations to lunch and learn sessions with industry leaders and service providers

complimentary quarterly advisory meetings with our Graduate Advisory Group

Key Features of this Program

Business Opportunity Development

Having a business idea is just the beginning. What matters is to turn this idea into a great business opportunity. This can be achieved by aligning the idea, market, and your assets. You will get to know an estimation of when and how much you will earn based on the money you are going to invest.

Design Sprints

Validating your opportunity by running multiple Design Sprints (DS). We conduct interview sessions with you and your potential customers and analyze digital data to convert your idea into a business opportunity.

MVP Development

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the core of the Lean startup methodology. In every Design Sprint we produce an MVP to get feedback from your potential customers.

Digital Marketing Coaching

Set up an early digital marketing plan including social media and guiding you to execute it with your own employees based on a developed business opportunity.

Graduate Advisory Group

Our Graduate Advisory Group is made up of industry experts who provide intense, tactical support in their respective areas of expertise.


Edward Belfort

Retired Chief Technology Officer for Christie Digital Systems inc.


Mario Paccinin

Successful entrepreneur who has built businesses and sold to publicly traded companies


Edward Belfort

Retired Chief Technology Officer for Christie Digital Systems inc.


Edward Belfort

Retired Chief Technology Officer for Christie Digital Systems inc.

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