Don’t rush, Metaverse is not here yet

Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, Defi, and lastly Metaverse are today’s trending topics among tech industries. Metaverse is a new trending topic that led Facebook to change its name to Meta and it is predicted to reach $800 billion by 2026. But what is exactly Metaverse? Metaverse is not a new concept. It has been here for […]

Is your business ready for post-pandemic?

Covid is almost over. Restrictions are getting eased, offices are returning to normal operations, and the economy is getting a boost. However, during covid, some significant changes happened to consumer behavior that may last forever. 1- People are using more internet-based servicesCovid caused people to stay home and Google their needs instead of heading to […]

Self-Awareness is the single success key behind unicorns — Here is the scientific evidence

Here at Marketgram, we really like to look at the topics from a different angles. This helps us to maintain innovative and problem-solving abilities. This article is the outcome of hundreds of hours of studying and analyzing the unicorns.There are numerous studies over the Unicorns and their success factors. However, my favorite one is the GlobalGERS. GlobalGERS aims to […]

How to corona transform my local business?

We are all passing through a very hard time. Millions of jobs are lost and many local businesses are shot down during this pandemic. Firstly, there are 3 main reasons that local businesses need to consider transformation: 1. Nobody knows when this pandemic will be over. According to many reports, we can consider normal life […]

How to save your brand during Covid-19?

Your brand is the most valuable asset any business can ever have. Brands are highly fragile and any mistaken steps specially in times like pandemic, can have bad consequences to the business. A bad announcement, a bad Instagram post, or even not acting can be dangerous. What ? Not acting ? What do you mean? […]

10 must-known rules for out-sourcing a web or mobile app

10 must-known rules for out-sourcing a web or mobile app 10 must-known rules for out-sourcing a web or mobile app Even if you are a developer, give this doc to your customer to save your self from further struggles. No matter it is or the best known punctual developer in the town, you have […]